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I have the comprehensive SOLUTION MANUAL (answer key) for ALL of the following US& International textbooks and TEST BANK for MOST of them in electronic format (PDF/Word). The solutions manual are comprehensive with answers to both even & odd problems in the text. The test bank contains practice exam and quiz questions and answers.


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Small Group and Team Communication - Thomas E. Harris (5th ed) (ISBN 0205692982)

Social Problems - D. Stanley Eitzen (12th ed) (ISBN 0205788084)

Social Problems: A Down-To-Earth Approach - James M. Henslin (10th ed) (ISBN 0205004164)

Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives - David E. Rohall (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205661068)

Social Studies for the Elementary and Middle Grades: A Constructivist Approach - Cynthia Szymanski Sunal (4th ed) (ISBN 0137048858)

Social Work and Social Welfare: An Introduction - Jerry D. Marx (1st ed) (ISBN 0205502296)

Social Work Practicum. The: A Guide and Workbook for Students - Cynthia L. Garthwait (5th ed) (ISBN 0205769446)

Social Work, Social Welfare and American Society - Philip R. Popple (8th ed) (ISBN 0205793835)

Social Work: An Empowering Profession - Brenda L. DuBois (7th ed) (ISBN 0205769489)

Society in Focus: An Introduction to Sociology - William E. Thompson (7th ed) (ISBN 0205665748)

Society: The Basics - John J. Macionis (11th ed) (ISBN 0205003788)

Sociology Now: The Essentials - Michael S. Kimmel (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205731996)

Software Engineering - Ian Sommerville (9th ed) (ISBN  0137035152)

Spanish for Health Care - Patricia Rush (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205696511)

Special Education for Today's Teachers: An Introduction - Michael S. Rosenberg (2nd ed) (ISBN 0131381229)

Special Education: Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals - Marilyn Friend (3rd ed) (ISBN 0131381210)

Spirit of Sociology - Ron Matson (3rd ed) (ISBN 0205762883)

Stage Lighting: Fundamentals and Applications - Richard Dunham  (1st ed) (ISBN 020546100X)

Starting Out with Alice: A Visual Introduction to Programming - Tony Gaddis  (2nd ed) (ISBN 0321545877)

Starting Out with C++: Early Objects - Tony Gaddis  (7th ed) (ISBN 0136077749)

Starting Out with Java: Early Objects - Tony Gaddis  (4th ed) (ISBN 0132164760)

Statics and Strength of Materials - Harold I. Morrow  (7th ed) (ISBN 0135034523)

Statistics for Managers using MS Excel - David M. Levine (6th ed) (ISBN  0137035195)

Sterile Products and Aseptic Techniques for the Pharmacy Technician - Mike Johnston  (2nd ed) (ISBN 0135109647)

Strangers to These Shores - Vincent N. Parrillo (10th ed) (ISBN 0205790747)

Strategic Communication in Business and the Professions - Dan O'Hair (7th ed) (ISBN 0205693113)

Strategic Compensation: A Human Resource Management Approach - Joe Martocchio  (6th ed) (ISBN  0136106404)

Strategic Management: Concepts - Fred R. David (13th ed) (ISBN 0136120997)

Strategies for Reading Assessment and Instruction: Helping Every Child Succeed - D. Ray Reutzel (4th ed) (ISBN 0131381512)

Strategies for Successful Writing: A Rhetoric, Research Guide, Reader and Handbook - James A. Reinking (9th ed) (ISBN  0205689442)

Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace - Laura J. Gurak (1st ed) (ISBN 0205698247)

Strategies for Theory Construction in Nursing - Lorraine Olszewski Walker (5th ed) (ISBN 0132156881)

Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, The - Thomas Nagle  (5th ed) (ISBN 0136106811)

Striving for Excellence: A Manual for Goal Achievement - John Szarlan  (1st ed) (ISBN 0137005199)

Struggle for Democracy, The - Edward S. Greenberg (10th ed) (ISBN 0205771297)

Struggle for Freedom, The: A History of African Americans, Concise Edition, Combined Volume - Clayborne Carson (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205832407)

Struggle for Freedom, The: A History of African Americans, Concise Edition, Volume 1 - Clayborne Carson (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205832423)

Struggle for Freedom, The: A History of African Americans, Concise Edition, Volume 2 - Clayborne Carson (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205832415)

Struggle for Power and Influence in Cities and States, The - Dick Simpson (1st ed) (ISBN 0321105184)

Study and Critical Thinking Skills in College - Kathleen T. McWhorter (7th ed) (ISBN 0205734804)

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace - Joseph M. Williams (10th ed) (ISBN 0205747469)

Supervising Police Personnel: The Fifteen Responsibilities - Paul M. Whisenand (7th ed) (ISBN 013245758X)

Survey of Economics Principles, Applications & Tools - Arthur O'Sullivan (4th ed) (ISBN 0132479133)

Teaching and Learning Elementary Social Studies - Arthur K Ellis (9th ed) (ISBN 0137039492)

Teaching and Learning with Technology - Judy Lever-Duffy (4th ed) (ISBN 0137073984)

Teaching in K-12 Schools: A Reflective Action Approach - Judy W. Eby (5th ed) (ISBN 0131381334)

Teaching Reading in the 21st Century - Michael F. Graves (5th ed) (ISBN 0131381482)

Teaching Students Who are Exceptional, Diverse, and at Risk in the General Education Classroom - Sharon R Vaughn (5th ed) (ISBN 0131381253)

Teaching Students with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms - Rena B. Lewis (8th ed) (ISBN 0136101240)

Technical Communication - John M. Lannon (12th ed) (ISBN 0205779646)

Technical Communication Strategies for Today - Richard Johnson-Sheehan (1st ed) (ISBN 0205739415)

Technical Drawing 101 with AutoCAD - Douglas Smith  (2nd ed) (ISBN 0132544954)

Technical Editing - Carolyn D. Rude (5th ed) (ISBN 0205786715)

Technical Editing in the 21st Century - Nicole Amare  (1st ed) (ISBN 0131196774)

Technical Writing: Principles, Strategies, and Readings (8th ed) (ISBN 0205721508)

Technology In Action, Complete Version - Alan Evans  (7th ed) (ISBN 0135096693)

Technology In Action, Introductory Version - Alan Evans  (7th ed) (ISBN 0135096316)

Texas Government: Policy and Politics - Neal Tannahill (11th ed) (ISBN 0205825400)

Textiles - Sara J. Kadolph (11th ed) (ISBN 0135007593)

Texts and Contexts: Writing About Literature with Critical Theory - Steven J Lynn (6th ed) (ISBN 0205716741)

Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications - William Crain (6th ed) (ISBN 0205810462)

Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence - Paula Stone  (1st ed) (ISBN 013157924X)

These United States: The Questions of Our Past, Concise Edition, Volume 1 - Irwin Unger (4th ed) (ISBN  0205790798)

Think American Government 2010 - Neal Tannahill (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205714722)

Think Communication - Isa N. Engleberg (1st ed) (ISBN 0205766498)

THINK Marriages and Families - Jenifer Kunz (1st ed) (ISBN 0205739253)

THINK Psychology - Abigail A. Baird  (2nd ed) (ISBN 0132128403)

THINK Public Relations - Dennis H Wilcox (1st ed) (ISBN 0205781691)

Think Rock - Kevin Dettmar (1st ed) (ISBN  0205772994)

THINK Social Problems - John D. Carl (1st ed) (ISBN 0205733093)

THINK Sociology - John D. Carl (2nd ed) (ISBN 020577718X)

THINK World Religions - Roy R. Robson (1st ed) (ISBN 0205773621)

Thinking About Women - Margaret Andersen (9th ed) (ISBN 0205840957)